Which election livestream should you watch? (A guide for multiple tastes and temperaments.)

Screengrab from spreadsheet. Click through for full, clickable view.

If you’re just looking for a list of livestreams, go here to the election livestream Casual Spreadsheet. It’s got everything you need- a friendly grid of all the networks and what devices/platforms you can get them on.

This is the post you read when you already know about all the streams, but don’t know which one to watch.

The livestream you should watch depends on the type of person you are and the nature of your appetites.
There’s no way this post can cover all your multitudes, but…

1) If you’re a 538 superfan, watch the ABC News stream.

Why should 538 superfans choose the ABC stream? Because mothereffing Nate mothereffing Silver is featured every hour. Does this mean Nate will be given the time and space to be as thoughtful as he is on the 538 podcast? No. It just means super-fans should pick this stream.

Nate haters, keep it moving. There’s nothing for you here.

2) If you just want a lowkey stream that doesn’t fill time with fake suspense, watch the PBS Stream on YouTube.

No endless cycling through viewer parties and HQ check-ins. Just plain old coverage. Probably best low-anxiety option.

3) If you’re a messy bitch who lives for drama , watch the Fox News stream.

First of all, they just got this new Vegas-ass studio. Hello! (I call it the Bling Ring.)

Uh, I asked for the big studio.

Second: Megyn Kelly and Brett Baier are anchoring. Don’t make me connect the dots people. Either you live under a rock, or you don’t.

Now, you may be thinking, “Hm. I don’t see Fox News listed in the livestream spreadsheet.”
You are right. As of time of publication, they have not announced an official stream. But let’s just say if you go to http://youtube.com/live (or the Live section of the YouTube app), there will be at least one Fox News livestream.

Miscellaneous notes

  • While 538 (again with the 538) will not have its own all-night livestream, there will be hourly 538 Facebook Live video check-ins. If you enable notifications on its Facebook page, you can get them there. 
    Also, they will have a live blog (it auto refreshes kinda like Twitter), and they are really good at it.
  • There are multiple Spanish-language streams. Peep the sheet.
  • There are multiple non-U.S. streams. Peep the sheet.
  • Almost everybody’s non-stop coverage starts at 7PM eastern. Except for Buzzfeed’s coverage, which starts at 6PM. So if you’re feeling eager…

Casual Spreadsheets will not be live-tweeting the election, but if somebody has a really good chart-related moment, there might be some retweet action.