Specs around us

This is the beginning of a short story I wrote. First draft. First part.

In a distant land there lived a lonesome child. Only this child was not a human nor an animal. It was energy, small little specs surrounding those things lucky enough to have physical form. The child was still new to the world causing it to be temperamental and insecure. If someone looked very closes they could see slight imbalances in front of them almost like little specs moving to the beat of the heart, this was the child. It had all the desires of it’s surroundings but no way to fulfill them, nothing to do other than watch those lucky enough take it for granted.

One place in specific the child loved to refresh itself, the pond. A dark blue almost black black colour, surrounded by beautiful greenery, and an unbelievable amount of dirt. It was fairly remote but every so often those lucky enough to be blessed with a physical body would visit. This day in specific.

“Common Bobby I think.. I think I see pond let’s go swimming!” shouted a young human girl.

“Mom doesn’t give me enough for this,” he mumbled under his breath “Coming.” he replied.

The girl continued to run all the way through the path down to the pond, so fast she wasn’t paying attention and almost feel right in the pond. Luckily Bobby had caught up and grabbed her by the arm pulling her back all the way till she was behind him.

“That was reckless Trisha. Do you know what Mom would have doing to me? I can’t believe-” he paused “Are you even listening to me?”

Trisha the young human girl was now mesmerized with the beating specs in front of her eyes. She noticed the child. As Bobby continued to yell at her, she did nothing but focus on these specs. As she reached to touch it, they expanded and contracted almost like it enjoyed the touch.

After all this time the child had seen a select about of physical beings but never been touched by one. For the first it had felt the closest thing to a physical being, is this what it was missing? The next hour consisted of Trisha and Bobby acknowledging the child and giving it the most physical experience it had ever known. The child knew it would finally be happy and have companions. Only Bobby realized the time.

“Common Trish it’s dinner time Mom’s gonna flip.”

“No.” she said stomping a foot near the ground.

“If you come now I’m give you some of my candy I got.”

With that Trisha and Bobby left, quickly forgetting about those specs they had encountered. Now the child was once again only, only this time he knew what he was missing.

The child knew he wasn’t a physical being and he knew it wasn’t something he could never be. Yet he craved it. As months passed the two human children never came back. Animals passed searching for food, humans swam in the pond, but no one touched the child.