Is it still reasonable for, say, a restaurant to offer reservations via email & phone, if they…

Hi Tay, thanks for sharing your questions and thoughts :)
I completly agree with you and Scott Parsons, we have to consider the employees too in that process. Still I think there a lot of creatives way to still offer an asychronious way for the client and don’t bother the employee to much. If the waiter is working with a phone, why don’t we send notifications on that phone. The phone could be a simple smartphone and it would work. Or even something crazy: the phone could ring with each time they have a reservation online. Or emails could be printed out directly with tools that you can find today (I saw one on producthunt the other day). I think that in a way it’s our jobs as designers, consultants, developers, to do the hard work so that it is then simple for the employees and the client. 
And as you said, we should consider what people can handle, and for that we have prototyping. We can test things out for a few days and see how it feels for the employees and the customers too. Then iterate on that. I just have the feeling that when we say: it’s not possible to do it because people can’t handle it, what we are really saying is: it’s not possible, we (the designers, consultants and developers) can’t find a smart way to solve it.

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