Story Of The Sleepers In The Cave: Early Time Travellers?

Is time travel possible? Is it slowly becoming a reality?

Why not, if we consider the fact we live in an age when the “wormhole theory” is broadening our horizons and helping us explore the possibility of Interstellar travel. Time travel events have been part of various religious traditions, holy texts do not directly address the idea of time travel, but indicate the idea that Mighty Power (God, Allah, Creator etc) does not experience time in the same narrow way that human beings do. If we open our minds than we’ll be able to see that modern science helps us prove rather than disprove religious miracles like Story of the Sleepers of the cave, Throne of Sheeba (Saba) or the Night Journey (Isra wal Miraj). They are all recorded in Quran and some in the old testament.

Legend of the Seven Sleepers

The story of the sleepers of the cave (Ashab al Kahf) is perhaps the most revisited stories in the Quran and evokes interest in all age groups.

In Judaic tradition this event is commonly is known as the story of seven sleepers. The Quran has deemed the detail on their number unimportant. It is about how a group of pious youth fled the persecution by their people for their belief. They along with their dog sought refuge inside a cave. It is believed by many including Maulana Mawdudi (famous Islamic scholar) that their cave was located in Ephesus, modern day Turkey.

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