The Mysterious Nanking Incident: 3,000 Soldiers Vanished Into Thin Air

The eerie Nanking incident definitely belongs to one of the most creepy cases in the history that never got explained. It involves 3,000 soldiers who suddenly disappeared and were never seen again.

You sure ask yourselves and so do we. How could they just vanish without any trace? Is there any explanation regarding the heinous occurrence? Yet, no answer seems to pop up.

However, the vanishing of the soldiers isn’t connected with the Nanjing Massacre that happened in 1937. Namely, that event was over by mid-1938, a year earlier the Nanking incident.

The event happened on December 9, 1939, while the terror of the Japanse invasion over the Republic of China was in full heat.

During the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–45), a newly-arrived battalion of Chinese soldiers was committed to a two-mile range of foothills as reinforcements in the area of Nanjing.

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