What’s the whole point of creating a startup? What are the main challenges? What’s the motivation?

Confessions from a startup in Latin America. We could’ve said a Mexican, Argentinian or Colombian startup but, the truth is, we’ve lived in 4 countries in the past two years.

So, just to put you in context, our startup was conceived in Montreal. The lovely, cold, nice Montreal. That city built for students but, where, ironically students are not getting quality jobs.

As a Latin student living in Montreal, and being in daily contact with non Canadian students, it wasn’t really hard to find the anxiety that these students live with. You struggle with your restaurant/babysitting/bartender/freelance jobs in order to survive and hand in your papers in a professional manner.

But the real question is… how does a person studying a master in engineering lives out of babysitting? Aren’t you supposed to master that or specializing in the topic of your preference? Shouldn’t you be working on that field?

That’s the question that hit me last April while attending my last classes at Concordia University.

One thing is, being unemployed, because you belong to the high rate of youth employed but, if you’re doing a master… shouldn’t you be over that?

My reasoning at that moment was something like: hey, if this is a problem and yet the world is begging for innovators… how can these problems be matched and turned into a solution?

I told my roommate (who’s been living for about 12 years in Montreal and understands the situation) about this and how in my Disney mind I was planning to create a platform matching these situations. He was fairly excited.

A startup was born that day.