10 lessons — plus a bonus one.

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This entire process started a long time ago, and it took longer than it should have. The initial idea was to go through the process of building an app & to learn about what it takes, rather than pushing a product to the market — this quickly changed.

Back in 2017, a developer approached me:

Heck, yeah. At that time I had no portfolio so the idea of building an app was very enticing. Now that a few years have passed, the app is still not yet completed and I have finally decided to let go.

Despite this, here is what I learned.

Every UXer that has ever struggled working in an agile environment has a different approach or workaround to accomplish their goal, whether for the user, the company or team. Does that truly mean that a UXer has an agile mentality?

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Is UX needed in Agile?

Agile goals are established in order to produce working software quickly while emphasizing collaboration and communication, over documentation. Hence, flexibility is essential. In an agile environment, UX helps to define the user’s needs as well as conduct user evaluations. In the original concept of Agile, there was no clear role defined for UX/UI. Under this concept, developers are the ones…

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I’ve been on Behance for quite some time, but most of the things that I have out there are graphic design related. My background is all over the place including graphic design. Behance is my go to whenever I need inspiration for my freelance work. But as a UX designer, I don’t always see the perks of it.
I’ve been trying to find ways to promote my work there and find tips about how could I make it more noticeable.

Some time ago I got locked in the loop of “You scratch my back I scratch yours.” …

Cătălina Manea

UX Specialist | Product Designer | Agile Advocate | Design Systems

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