An Entrepreneur's Guide for Organizing Yourself In a World Of Chaos: How To Be More Productive, Focused and Clear-headed.

From not believing in “Organizing yourself” to going all-in

I remember it was around 3 a.m in the morning and I was thinking about all the stuff that I had to deliver to my clients by the end of the week. It seemed like I had to do them right there and right then. I was working alone and got so overwhelmed because I didn’t have a system to help me organize everything. That was the moment that changed how I used to see the work ethic behind organizing yourself.

After almost 2 years, I have come to realize the following: there is one intangible thing that you can’t buy or replace, and it’s called time. Having a system that helps you stay organized and use time as efficiently as you can, is the smartest way to live, especially if you are an entrepreneur like me, have a lot of meetings, run your own agency, have a personal brand to take care of, and travel around the world to meet with clients. This seems like a lot of things to do, but if it is all lined up according to a priority list, you will achieve peace of mind. It is very important because it is going to allow you to focus on one task at a time, and thus be more productive.

Technology is outsourcing our brains

Our brain has a limited amount of “gigabytes” in terms of “Ram memory”. We need to outsource the incredible demands that we have on our brains and memory to something a lot faster and better — technology. In order to implement a system like the one that I am going to talk about, you need to have discipline and know how to adapt. No matter how much we try to control our lives, the unpredictable is always there, and we need to be ready to handle it. So, if you think you lack these qualities, then you should stop reading this article.

Just a little heads-up

Do you want to do more work? Do you want to express yourself to the fullest? I’m offering you the most practical way of organizing yourself, that worked for me. Take it with a grain of salt because some of the advice that I’m giving, you must definitely adjust to your own character and personality. Try, experiment, and innovate the process.

The process

We all have tasks, thoughts, ideas and other things coming our way. Basically, the system I created offers containers for all the stuff that needs to be organized and prioritized. There is also a practical way to take things out of the container and integrate them into your actual workflow.

You will find a short simple scheme of what I just said:

After a thorough check, I organize everything in my Google Calendar. I usually reserve 2–3 hours per week for that, but you can schedule it how you think is better. Being a very busy person, you can imagine how my email inbox looks like.

How I approach making decisions

First of all, I delegate the tasks which require skills that I don’t have and trust my team to achieve the best result. If I can do it and I believe it’s worth it, I have two ways of approaching it: I do it right in that moment if it doesn’t take me more than 3–5 minutes. Otherwise, I schedule it for later. If it’s not worth it I simply don’t do it.

I make these decisions based on 3 important factors: priority, results, and effort. It is important to take this particular order into consideration but I personally think that results should be the decisive factor. For example, if I get better results with less effort I will do that before doing a task that is more important, but gives me insignificant results and takes a lot of effort.

How I deal with ideas

Moreover, I get a lot of ideas and since I value each, I use Clear to store, have easy access and a basic organization of them. We all know that moment when we wake up in the middle of the night with some crazy idea that we can’t let go of? I am not able to know right away if it’s going to be extraordinary and change the world or if it will be the type of idea that has no applications in real life. I write them down without making any judgment calls and leave that process for later. You don’t need to use this particular app. There are scores of organization apps on the market which cater to all your organizational needs. But an ‘ideas drawer’ app is a must have in today’s day and age for everybody. Not just entrepreneurs.

After all

I’m not saying that you should take my word for granted. I’ve presented to you a system and a mindset that helped me shift from being the most unorganized person that I know to being able to do a lot of meetings, calls with clients and creative tasks in one single day and be totally immersed in each of them, one by one. I call myself a happy person and I give 100% in everything that I do, even though I’m making a coffee, mentoring someone or meeting with one of my clients.

Thank you so much for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear them. Especially about the way you organize your day.

For more information about how I organize my day, be sure to watch this video too.

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