Raising Awareness for Cerebral Palsy in Pakistan

One of the slides from the CP Awareness Deck written in Roman Urdu.

This is a little out of the ordinary for me. I usually write about tech, education, financial literacy and women. For the next two weeks, I am devoting what little graphic design skills I have to promoting awareness about Cerebral Palsy.

The team I am working with, CPASD Pakistan, is volunteers-only and has partnered with the World CP Day movement to get Pakistan on the map. While lack of knowledge about the condition is widespread, here in Pakistan we do not even have the numbers to guesstimate the population affected.

Our campaign’s focus is to educate people about CP and to encourage them to connect with CP affected children and adults in their community. If we can all work together to record and create a central database about the CP affected population in Pakistan, there is greater chance for success when we go to law-makers to get ramps made or increase inclusive education.


You can join us by joining the Facebook Group here.

Share tools we have created and uploaded in the group.

If you are interested in representing us at your university, school or office — Get in touch! Email us at cpasdpakistan [at] gmail.com or Message to us at Authort or Tweet to us @ RethinkPakistan.

We need Students, Doctors, Lawyers, Writers, Designers, Musicians, Bakers, Entrepreneurs, Physiotherapists, Teachers, Magicians… everyone!

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