How GitHub blocked me (and all my libraries)

A Google-cached version of my GitHub profile, until it was blocked.
“Flagged”? So this is how you call “disposing of someone” in a “politically correct” manner nowadays.
  • “What country do you live in? What city do you live in?”
  • “How long have you lived there?”
  • “Have you lived in any of the following locations in the last 24 months?”
  • “Have you visited or traveled to any of the following locations in the last 24 months?” (What? Coronavirus again?)
  • “How long did you stay?” (Umm… None of your business?)
  • “If you accessed while you were visiting Iran, North Korea, Syria, or Crimea, please tell us why you used”
  • If you selected “To conduct business with persons or companies in that location,” please tell us more. Please tell us about: (1) the nature or purpose of your work in that country or region; (2) what companies or other organizations in that country or region were involved; and (3) whether you plan to continue that business activity. (GitHub, are you officially a governmental spying agency now? Gathering intel on other countries’ tech activity with such an obsessive fixation)
  • Send us a copy of your photo identification (ID) showing where you currently live. Please upload pictures of the front and back of your current (unexpired) government-issued photo identification (ID) from the country where you usually reside or live. Make sure that you provide clear, legible images. If your image is blurry or incomplete, we will not be able to process your request. Examples of acceptable forms of ID include passports, drivers licenses, and national identity cards. (Here you go, officer)
  • Send us a selfie. (You’re kidding? Selfie my ass) Please upload a photo of yourself holding your ID, with the photo side of the ID facing the camera. We will use this image to help validate that the ID really belongs to you. (Also, keep your legs crossed, put both of your hands palms down straight out in front of you, push yourself up to a kneeling position and crawl towards me, or I will shoot you)
  • Are you or do you use your account on behalf of any of the following: (1) a Specially Designated National (SDN) or another party subject to U.S. sanctions; (2) a government ministry or agency; (3) a state-owned enterprise; or (4) a prohibited Cuban government or Communist Party official?
Is this about Coronavirus?
And don’t forget to put on your yellow badge.

Web developer. Moscow, Russia.

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Web developer. Moscow, Russia.

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