We need to colonize virtual spaces with positive impact

We are developing projects using AR and VR (augmented and virtual reality) to colonize our virtual world.

Why? Soon, we will probably no longer notice any difference between virtual and physical realities. We are going to see the world amplified and pay attention in spaces that weren´t there before, opening a new continent of ideas and possibilities.

The recent Pokemon Go success is a result of a mature technology, created around 20 years ago and that claims to invade and to be used by everyone.

In 1989, the computer-aided design software company Autodesk and the eclectic computer company VPL announced a new technology called “virtual reality.” VR originated as a marginal technology associated with several contexts: the computer industry, the military, NASA, science fiction, the arts, and the cyberpunk counterculture.

They compare VR with “a work of art,” “a dream,” “an additional reality” and a “new continent” that have invoked the traditions of art and representation, psychology and metaphysics, ontological philosophy, discovery, colonization and the frontier.

If VR is ‘an additional reality’ and a ‘new continent’ that frees the imagination of the masses, “help people to communicate” it is time to welcome the virtual experience economy!

The geospatial laws, community! The international “no barriers or frontiers” ecosystem! The transcendence of making your brain believe you are somewhere else!

How will we respond?

How are the lessons learned we have from the world colonized that we can apply to colonize our virtual world? How can we use this opportunity to enhance our society awareness? How can we bring equal opportunities, demonetize and democratize products, services, instead of increasing this division between the wealthy and poor.

Google, Alibaba and The Void are already riding this trend. Are we going to reproduce the same world, but virtual? Same products? Same services, same history?

Same Hollywood with RIFT glasses?

Can we please, at least talk about the opportunity of colonizing a new brand world? Even with a better world opportunity, that does not have the barriers of time and distance? How can we colonize our “virtual continent” with positive impact? Disrupt the system?

Yes we can! It is a huge opportunity that, through technology, we can convert a lifestyle created in the previous century to one that will still be around in the next.

“Your eyes can see the horizon. Anything beyond you have to imagine” in Beyond The Horizon, http://www.aol.com/beyondthehorizon/