Cat Bambini

💥 So, in gladiator

by Cat Bambini 💥

no one saves your life.

You get up on stage, in

an arena, and people

eat popcorn while

you live or die.




💥 The psycho hosebeast

by Cat Bambini 💥

Lives upstairs.

In a rage now.

Just off the rocks?


No comment.

So boring.


Blocking all everything.

Everyone lets her?

Because she’s a whiney miserable

narcissist sex slave?


What does that have to do with my life?

And Ambrose?

And me making money?

All day long dark arts.

Evil eye.


Rape vibes.

Nobody can ever get her off my phone

or computer.

What the hell?!

Good thing the phone doesn’t work anymore and I’m just talking to Italia.

What the yuck.

Her sole purpose in life.

To make me miserable.

Pray for her to stop.



Someone to give an actual fuck, ever

in the bay.


🌲 🌲 🌲 ♥️🥘🔜👎🏙😛🙏📰🫡🚨🎭🥳⛪️



💥 Happy birthday to me

by Cat Bambini 💥


You cannot drag me into gulags


Can I be allowed to have tech?

Or money?

I found some food pantries.

I was allowed.

To like take a break from explaining.

I fell into an old patriarchy.

Where women are chattel.

They make up whatever.

This will trend, wtf.

You keep on listening so I know

you love it.

Just whoa.

Does anyone wanna sponsor me in

moving apartments?

Gay rapist.

And a new computer.

Nobody gets it.

So complex.



I can’t explain.


Can someone ship me some Adderal.

Or speed?


god bless.

Sorry nihilists.

Thanks for being there.

Sparkle pony.


Don’t cry.

You’re making me cry.

Man am I that pathetic.


You too.




💥 No more lip syncs

by Cat Bambini 💥

Not for now, at least.

You know the story?

I don’t.

Somebody wants to know.


Ahead of schedule.

Me too!

Like when did she go, finally?

Was it related to my message

to Ambrose?

In my phone notes?

Or on Instagram?

Who else is listening to all my


I am not playing DJ.

Otherwise, wishing Germany.

For food, only.

Everything else is slow.

But real.


Someone gave me a lot of

something to smoke.

So what.

It’s medicine.

I can’t share the stories anymore.

Not enough food.

From any avenue.

Sorry about Ambrose.

Did I finally get them out of

the upstairs?

He says no.

I think they are gone now.

But they got a broad.



Not in DC.

Just bored.

And other things I’ve mentioned.




💥 I’m just so over it

by Cat Bambini 💥

I am allowed to visit with anyone

I want, but that groupie.

She needs to rape me.

The black thing needs my fam

to get taken down for a big

coke deal.

Is it because I have tattoos?

So I need to add synthetics

and porn and claims to

the Oakland DV case?

No way?

My ex bass player is afraid of


He broke one on his head after

I got claimed twice in south

Korea, due to celiac?


Cat fishing.


So the police came.

No lie on the report.

Check it.

Otherwise I think I have food


I hope.

Can’t make a phone call.

My phone bill ended today.


They’re competing.