Whether it’s an online sale or a deadline at work, feeling rushed diminishes your ability to make good decisions

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash

“70% off — today only — last three in stock!”

You probably had no idea that you were desperate to buy a handheld, gold-plated, three-cylinder leaf blower — plus tortoiseshell trim and personalized engraving. Not until that helpful email gate-crashed your inbox.

But then you imagine that leaf blower resolutely sending those rotten leaves on their way. How could you say no? Nibbling your nails to the quick, you hit the PayPal icon.

“Buy now while stocks last!” is a mighty sales gambit because it employs the most ancient tool of persuasion and desire: scarcity.

“Simply put, people want more…

Catherine Blyth

Lover of conversation, time, books, food, neuroscience. Techno-curious Luddite. Author (On Time, Enjoy Time, Art of Conversation). Mother. catherineblyth.com

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