Fat Shaming is Not an Individual Problem, It’s a Cultural One
Lesley Kinzel

The worst part about being “morbidly obese” for myself is my mother. She gained a lot in college, and ended up having to have surgery. She now has diarrhea instead of regular stool, and her stomach looks like it was punched in the middle and stuck that way. She says she doesn’t want the same for me, which is understandable, but it makes having to shop for clothes and eating seconds in front of her difficult and frustrating. And I hate talking about it becasue I know that because of my weight, it makes getting a job that much harder. She loves to point that one out.

I really don’t care about my weight. I feel comfortable in my skin. It’s who I see myself as and it’d be weird to see a skinner version of myself.

Ah, sorry for the rant, you put everything I wanted to say into words. Thank you.