CatBoy SAYKUN Edition

Get a limited edition Catboy NFT profile picture now. The profile pictures are all matched to Catboy and created with love by highly skilled graphic artists.

The possibility to get such a NFT is through a NFT Mint Event on our Website.

What are the advantages of such a profile picture?

Every owner of a profile picture NFT will also get a whitelist access to the Catboytoken presale.

Everyone who owns one or more profile pictures NFTs will get an exclusive access to the Catboy Merchandise where they will get free tshirts, necklaces and accessories sent to their home.

Also, the NFT profile picture owners have the opportunity to participate in special contests on Twitter and Telegram where the chances of winning are higher because the number of participants are limited to the profile pictures.

Also the NFT profile picture owners will get the possibility to stake their profile pictures on our Dapp to claim Catboy tokens as rewards.

On the NFT Marketplace there will also be the possibility to trade the NFT profile pictures.

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity, be active in the Telegram group linked below and subscribe to Catboy on Twitter so you don’t miss out on participating in the NFT profile picture whitelist.

Website:(currently under revision)




All rights are reserved by and are licensed by CC BY-NC-ND




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