I don’t know what to call this and I don’t know why I wrote it.

You can wrap up warm but you will always feel so cold. You stuff your face until you’re full but you can’t escape that empty feeling. You turn off the music for some quiet but your thoughts are still too loud. You are so unbelievably exhausted but you know tomorrow it will be just as hard to wake up. You wish that someone would just give a damn about you and sure they do but your head is full of such thick fog that it’s impossible to see. You are so unbelievably lost but you know exactly where it is you are. You can write but you can’t even refer to yourself in the first person because you don’t even know if you’re you anymore. You want to feel love but you know you’re not even worthy of loving. You are told to keep fighting but you can’t see the fucking point, complete mental and physical apathy has consumed you. You are depressed but when you can’t pull yourself out of bed tomorrow morning you’ll lie and say it must be something going around.

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