25 Things I Thought I Would Have by the Time I Turned 25

the author at age 4, DREAMING BIG
  1. beach waves
  2. hairless asshole
  3. clean sheets on my bed
  4. an office w a desk & a boss who wears kitten heels
  5. groceries???
  6. a purse
  7. a kid lol jk
  8. no zits on my butt
  9. a blazer hahahahahah
  11. a bowl
  12. taste in wine
  13. even one picture hanging on a wall
  14. ability to run more than one single mile
  15. knowledge of how to write a check without googling “how to write a check”
  16. credit card
  17. a puppy :)
  18. ability to end a conversation without just like…walking away
  19. any control of my temper L0L do not cross me
  20. bathtub
  21. know how to make easier to walk up stairs???
  22. invitations to events that require up-dos & gowns
  23. a printer
  24. aN ACADEMY AWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. how do u mail something
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