From Anxiety to Wellbeing — A Transition

The ocean and sunset are two of the best things that calms me down during tough times.

Loss of appetite, mood swing, fatigue, forcing a smile…

Common symptoms to many diseases… But what if you are not physically ill? What if it is all in your head and you are experiencing Anxiety?

Anxiety is “a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome”

Anxiety is also “an emotion characterised by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil, often accompanied by nervous behaviour”

My First hand experience…

Well, unfortunately, I’ve been there. In fact, I’m still living it. “Escaping” Vancouver 4 months ago seems like a bold and drastic move, but it wasn’t. I realize I need it, when I started to get terribly ill. To add salt to injury, my ex-employer got bought out and people around me were either laid off/quitting, creating an extremely negative space to work in.

Fortunately my intuition urged me to make a move. I decided to escape before getting eliminated (my assumption, but my gut feeling is usually pretty accurate, then again, I would have gotten a package 🤔).

Let me take you through my daily internal struggle:

Doubts: Was it the right move to relocate to London? (I.e dropping two relatively well paid jobs and multiple promising side projects)

Truth: Overall, YES, it was the right move.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still extremely difficult to cope with life abroad. However, since I’m one lucky “charm”, I managed to meet loads of lovely people, got support from friends and family, gained tons of experience working in different fields and organizations (i.e. food security, help refugees women and girls w/ technology, social enterprise tours, and more!)

Doubts: Was leaving corporate and entering the social innovation space a good move?

Truth: Yes, the money isn’t as great. In fact, there isn’t any money coming in yet but, the added value is priceless:

  1. Meeting ambitious and dedicated social entrepreneurs and people that wants to make a social impact while treating people fairly
  2. Meeting not so fair social enterprises, who claimed they are a social business but their practice shows otherwise
  3. Learning valuable skills
  4. Working alongside professionals and emerging talents in London
  5. Creating precious memories for this unforgettable experience

To pay it forward, here’s what I learned at the Mindfood workshop on Monday.

These are veggies I helped harvest on Monday!

5 Key Ways to Feel Better:

  1. Connect — talk to other people (this can take a bit of practice, but a smile’s a good start!)
  2. Be Active — doing some physical exercise is a great way to distract you from your ruminations
  3. Take Notice — stop from time to time to take in the world around you
  4. Learn — discover something new everyday
  5. Give — even the simplest act of kindness can benefit you as much as the recipient

This article is inspired by:
-Mindfood CIC
-Learn more about MindFood & read this article — The Power of Reflection
-Special thanks to my previous employers/volunteer (Vancouver & London)