Bootstrap comms: our startup package

We’re kicking the new year off with a nice offer — this one’s for the startup community:

Over the last ten years we’ve worked with startups from pre-launch through to IPO. In the early days and when funds are tight, we know it’s often not possible to commit to hiring an agency. And we know that leaves you in a bit of a jam.

So we’ve developed a new package specifically for startups. We begin with an initial phone briefing to understand who you are and what you need. Next we sit down for a face to face session to address your business objectives and comms priorities. Two experts over three hours, offering insight, advice and a practical plan you can implement independently and immediately.

We might clarify your messaging and positioning for your audience, identify your best assets and brainstorm stories for media, help you establish an effective social media presence, advise on content and, of course, help you to manage all of this. The package costs a one off fee of £375.00.

We’ll make sure we help you improve your communications activity without the stress and hassle. If you want to get in touch to find out more, drop us an email at