Are you shocked yet? Do something before you become the headline too

Our capital has once again shocked the public with the recent shameful act of sexual exploitation of a woman by five men in Pandav Nagar, East Delhi.

Source — Hindustan Times

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Delhi is hugely becoming the crime capital of the country too, with violence, sexual assault, accidental deaths taking the limelight. According to recent statistics, Delhi has also recorded the highest increase in percentage of rape cases across the country.

Have a look at the numbers of cases registered under crime against women, from 2012 to 2015. As you can see from the below mentioned figures, the percentage of crime is steadily rising in Delhi.

Source — Indian Express

Although measures have been taken to ensure women safety, this is not such an easy step and requires proactive tactics from women to empower them & help them in dire cases.

Women Safety Apps to help ensure your safety

Although much has been written and talked about, still women are far from being safe in India. Leave aside the dark alleys & abandoned places, women face a lot of sexual exploitation & harassment at workplace too.

The recent accusations of a former employee, against the CEO of The Viral Fever, has sparked an online outrage. Moreover callous handling of such sensitive matter by officials of TVP, has thrown light that there should be more protective measures for women to feel safe in every part of society.

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When educated professionals behave this way & misuse their power over the colleagues then what can be expected from strangers or uneducated men from slum etc.

We do not want to blame someone but when the situations are this risky & you feel threatened, in office, roads or even home, then it becomes mandatory for girls to take preemptive actions & safeguard themselves. Women Safety App is one such small action, which can make a big impact on life if the situation demands.

What is a Women Safety App?

With the rise in usage of smart phones & increasing dependence on mobiles for communication, networking or entertainment, smart phones have become the best device with which to protect yourself. Whenever we step outside or go office, we carry our mobiles with us. This is one device; no one forgets carrying. Therefore, a mobile application, which is always handy in distress, is the best first line of defense. The app has SOS Alarm key, which, when pressed sends contacts/police emergency help text with the latest location. This helps in others to locate victim quickly & rescue him efficiently.

Live location is shared constantly with these apps to ensure women security. Safe areas can also be created, where women can see where they are going is safe or not.

How this Women Security App would help you?

  • SOS — Get help quickly in Emergencies
  • Raise the odds of survival from violence/assault
  • Raise Alarm quickly without suspicions
  • Share Location with trusted friends/ family members
  • Check whether friends/family members have reached their destination or not
  • Conveyance / School Bus Tracking
  • Travel without worries — Go Solo camping safely
  • Chat with friends — Stay Connected always
  • Search local services, handy men — 24*7
  • Get noticed — Your Profile is Your Business

CatchMe is the only Women Safety App, which provides all these features & help you stay safe & secure. Do not compromise on safety; download CatchMe now so as not to become headline for wrong reasons. Rest the world is at your feet. Soar high & achieve all your goals.