The Best of Korean Drama Music

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Good music stays with you long after the piece is finished. If the music is an accompaniment to a good drama then the sounds will haunt you for days and nights on end. Korea has a very rich tradition in drama music that speaks to the listener with emotion, feeling and sensitivity.

Korea is a thousand year old civilization whose people, culture and daily life is alive with symphony and verse. Written documents surviving from the 15th century attest the vibrant culture of song and dance in the court of the Lee rulers from the Joseon dynasty.

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After the second world war, folk and patriotic music following the difficult period of Japanese occupation, re emerged. Modern Korean drama music draws heavily from both folk music and court music apart from western classical themes and instruments. This has led to the synthesis of a unique style that has rapidly achieved popularity in many parts of the world.

Another unique aspect of Korean communicative art is the Korean Drama. Korean Television soaps and dramatic mini series steeped in music have become very well known and followed both inside and outside the small nation.

Korean actors and television stars are now recognized easily, outside of their own local audiences, especially in neighboring China, Japan and the South East Asian archipelagos. China Central Television Station (CCTV) first aired a Korean Drama called “What is Love all About?” in 1997 that turned out to be a huge hit. That drama still commands the second highest ratings on Chinese Television since its inception.

“Stars in My Heart”, which was televised in both China and Taiwan, was again a success. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia now form the regular audience of these exports from Korea.

The stories in these dramas are remarkably diverse but romance is the most popular running theme. Successful dramas in this genre include: “All About Eve”, “Winter Sonata”, “My Fair Lady”, “Stairway to Heaven”, “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, “My Girl”, “Shining Inheritance”, “You’re Beautiful” and “Dream High” to name just a few.

Well known historical dramas include “Dae Jang Geum”, “Emperor of the Sea” and the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”.

The Original Sound Tracks (OSTs) for these popular dramas have included, in more recent times, “Cinderella’s Sister”. Current Korean drama music hits to introduce you to this treasure of art include the OSTs for: The Throne, The Priests, Queen Seon Duck (MBC TV Drama), Great First Wives and Cheer Up.