🎙Cat DJ Introduction, Roadmap highlights and great things in the Pipeline

$CATDJ is about to start its journey, filled with bags of fun, art, positive vibes and growth. While main markets are settling for a continued long term uptrend, there’s no doubt the Meme space is here to stay and reach new heights in no time. Cat DJ project is aimed to fill the gap with pinch of Music, NFT Art, NFT Games, Comics and Meme Party for all Communities out there. Cats are not against Dogs nor other Animals, Cat DJ is just a bit different from your regular Memes bag. Welcome to the Club 🐾 💿 🐾

Our Producer is going to take you through major things and events planned as well as details he believes are important to outline, especially for those who are new to the game of Crypto Memes:

  • First things first: let’s build strong community around the project. People create things, people enjoy results, people are the engine of any movement whether you are an enthusiast or a speculator. We have enough pieces of the puzzle already, however, we encourage contributions of all kinds: sharing, stickers, articles, Reddit posts etc. — everything works in everyone’s favour to succeed.
  • . Yes, it’s extremely important in the Meme niche and therefore there’s going to be a major push right from the start. Anyone can brainstorm ideas and tactics to promote, let’s do this together!
  • . Supply is limited to 1,000,000,000,000 tokens with a long term mechanics to buy back and burn (details will follow). No penalty fees involved so it can’t be easier to buy and sell without feeding Uniswap bots — no more frontrunning trades nor high alippage. Hell no, not this time!

The key breakdown of Supply is as follows:

  • . No presales, no dumpy wallets. The launch is fair and even for everyone. Liquidity Pool is going to be locked for 1 year, $CATDJ token will be tradable on Etherium Network via Uniswap.
  • . Uniswap is great and can serve as the only trading platform for Meme Tokens. However, we believe that CEXes are necessary as well in order to get more attention to the project and reach wider audience to get new project members. There are number of exchanges in the pipeline that $CATDJ is aiming to strike going forward.
  • . Absolutely no doubt NFTs must be part of the Cat DJ Ecosystem. Community will take part in the events with NFT incentives and Art competitions. Art collections and initial NFT trading will launch on Opensea platform first. There will be separate CatDJ characters to starts with and the whole storyline behind them.
  • Most of you know the deal. Dextools is a homeplace for attraction and green candles — that’s why it’s our priority to build trust score and keep trending as quick as possible. The process and platforms to join are known, but we invite Community to help and strengthen the power ✊
  • . Alongside the digital blockchain value, tangible goods is always a great addition to the bucket to expand the brand to masses as well as apply $CATDJ buy back and burn from the Merch sales — more details to follow.

With all the above being said, please feel free to join $CATDJ party through our Official links below. Be aware that smart contract has NOT been announced, there is NO Token Sale. Trading is NOT live yet. Meow.


Get your Meme sorted with $CATDJ rhymes and positive vibes this summer and further down the cryptosphere line 💿