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Interesting piece. As someone who also grew up in Australia and yes, read imported magazines at the library due to the exorbitant price tag, I can remember being far more influenced by the 90’s britpop scene and riot grrl/sonic youth than anything else. It was a time where feminism, sexuality and gender diversity seemed pretty generous, particularly in indie circles. That said, I never watched shows like Friends or Seinfeld, pretty much sum up the kind of things I hate.

It was also really about being on the cusp of information. I remember going to a talk about rape in cyber space (ostensibly chatrooms) at a student feminist conference before I had even really used the internet, as in 1993 Australia for me it seemed more like a big library than anything else. Of course, within a few months that started to change drastically as i was exposed to email lists and yahoo groups and yes, chat rooms so another world opened. Suddenly communication and knowledge was no longer thwarted by the tyranny of distance of living in Australia and things started to get interesting…

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