allows users to earn cryptocurrencies for writing!

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How does it work?

It’s simple. You make an account on and participate in various bounties and contests to earn cryptocurrency! The available events have all the pertinent details such as prize pool information and deadline!

Everyone who participates will win, with better articles earning more!

There are two events live right now as well with a total prize pool of ~1400 USD worth

(That’s 400 STEEM and 60,000 GTH!)

Join the Gath3r event here!

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • As an example, currently there are two live writing contests that are running.

CateredContent is a platforms that allows users to earn money by writing about cool projects! CateredContent partners with companies to launch writing events & contests where users can participate to earn!

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As of now, CateredContent mostly works with blockchain companies, and rewards are distributed in the form of tokens from the contest topic company!

Getting Started

Getting started on CateredContent is easy!

  • Sign-up
  • Edit your profile and add an Ethereum address
  • Pick an event and submit your entry
  • Once the event is done, your prize will arrive in your address! — Ranking System

CateredContent has a ranking system! Users can earn ranks by being active.

Catered Content

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