Caterina’s Confessions: I’m too depressed to write

I’m too depressed to write.

I’m supposed to be editing a future chapter of one of my stories. I’m supposed to be writing the draft for the chapter of my other story. I’m supposed to be planning future chapters and researching for both of my stories. I’m supposed to be planning something with my cousin to help the homeless. I’m supposed to be to be writing a guest post. I’m supposed to be researching, planning, writing my commentary for my blog. I’m supposed to be reading. A lot.

But me taking a mile walk around my neighbourhood and editing one of my chapters, is my victory dance to not having completely wasted my day.

I’m too overwhelmed. I’m heartbroken too.

I want to be hugged, eaten out. None of those are happening.

I’ve spent half of my day talking to strangers who want to talk to my vagina. Totally worthless.

I’m disgusted with myself. I’m too ashamed to speak to Jesus. I almost don’t want to speak to Him.

I feel empty. I feel forgotten.