Caterina’s Confessions: I want a hug 😩

How embarrassing is it that at the age of 21 I am desperate for affection?

This may be my opioid-induced state where my emotions are pretty watery and just spill out the first thing on my mind, but I’m lonely.

I’m lonely as fuck.

I just finished speaking to a guy who said he can’t be with me because I’ve been with “too many men”. Total bullshit.

I was so super close to being sexually intimate with a married man two months ago but at the end I basically told him to fuck off because he wanted me to pay half the cost for the hotel room.

My ex-lover wants to meet up with me, but I’m a little conscious about my weight gain. But he treated me so well.

I’m embarrassed that I can only gain the attention of a guy online. Anytime apart from that, is when my ass is shaking in their face.

It’s embarrassing that whilst my friends’ contact list is lengthy with options of fuck boys, I have a total of zero.

It’s hard being a Christian and trying not to be sexually immoral.

I don’t want sex, just a guy who can hold great conversation and is a good cunt eater.

I don’t even remember the last time I’ve hugged a man. I am being starved off physical contact and it’s depressing me.

I just want a hug. Preferably from a man I’m attracted to.

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