Caterina’s Confessions: Over the weekend I did something I’m not proud of

Over the weekend I did something I’m not proud of.

My anxieties have gotten worse. I never have peace of mind, which makes me feel less than a Christian and unworthy as a human being.

I hate being so fully conscious all the time. I’m not able to breathe. I’m scared what people are going to say about me. I’m not good enough – or at least that’s how I feel.

I keep so much inside of me. I feel like everything I do is wrong. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t, so I might as well do but when I do do I end up with feelings of shame and self-resentment because everything about me is broken.

I don’t know how to relax and that is reflected in everything I do.

The point of life is pointless if one ceases to exist so why do I care?

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