I wish I wasn’t born with sexual organs, it’d save me a whole lot of trouble

I’ve been feeling all sorts for the last few days. Putting in effort in things or people who don’t appreciate me. Also I’ve been stressed out about writing and in true Caterina fashion, when I’m stressed I don’t soldier on, I just cover myself with a duvet, hoping to be swallowed whole by it.

I’m always looking for escape routes. I’m stressed out. I’m stressed out because I don’t know how to plan the next chapter of my story which is due for me to update on Monday, Godwilling.

I’m stressed out because I’m overcome with so much jealousy seeing my friends, seeing my peers, seemingly have their shit together, whereas I just don’t have my shit together.

I’m stressed out because of money issues.

I’m stressed because I don’t know myself. I’m a stranger to myself.