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Bitcoin non è semplicemente un’innovazione nel mondo delle valute. Bitcoin è un’innovazione nella comunicazione e quando parliamo di “comunicazione” non va inteso il “protocollo” di comunicazione, ma il fatto che con bitcoin è nato un nuovo linguaggio universale del denaro.

Perché il denaro, da sempre, è una forma di comunicazione.

Esso rappresenta il modo in cui esprimiamo l’uno all’altro il valore di qualcosa. …

graphics source: @theodysseyonline

The 21st century is the information age; human beings are hungrier for information and, in particular, they need information related to their health.

The source of the information is the data. Data from electronic medical records, clinical trials, genome, mobile app, wearables devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). When we talk about AI applied to the field of medicine, research and healthcare, we talk about this exactly: bigdata.

Today patients can proactively manage their health and contribute with their personal data to predictive medicine, clinical research, precision medicine, drug discovery, research on aging, telemedicine, traceability of counterfeit drugs and…

As at the beginning of every new year, it’s good to start from a reflection: cryptocurrencies were created with the aim of bypassing banks and regulatory bodies, but yet:

· in 2018 the world’s largest banks have begun to use Blockchain

· 2019 will be the year of Securities Token Offerings (STOs)

· at the moment stablecoins are triumphing (a new class of cryptocurrencies which offer price stability and are linked to real-world assets such as fiat like USD, EUR, CNY or JPY and sometimes even gold or oil)

If we think back to this year, we have to remember…

A decentralized, autonomous, free market ecosystem.


Hyperion Protocol will act as a decentralized, autonomous, free market ecosystem, which will create a network like a root system, interconnecting all individual “trees” or users around the world, giving anyone and everyone the ability to contribute to the ecosystem. Think of a new user as a new seedling planted in the ecosystem, and as the user grows within the community, so does their tree. A user’s ability within the community will depend on their current stage. There will be 3 main stages of growth (Seedling, Sapling, Tree), with 3 levels in each…

“Now is the time to unify” (Community is power)

It’s fundamental to understand the importance of communities because be part and be active in one increases your quality of life. It means having the possibility to collaborate with others to generate greater impact in the world and it is a powerful way for people to build relationships in a faster, more scalable way.

People choose to be part of your community, you don’t decide for them.

People choose to be part of it, you don’t decide that for them. All the members of a community share common values and each…

What is “Health” and what is “Healthcare”

- Health - is clearly not the mere absence of disease.
When we say “Good Health” we intend that a person free from illness has the ability to realize one’s potential.
But what’s about when we say — Healthcare — we really cover not merely medical care but also all aspects regarding preventive care too. This concept is strongly related to public expenditure and today must include incentives and disincentives for self care and care paid by private citizens to get over ill health.

Health of Populations

written by Caterina Ferrara, founder at Blockchain Ladies

It is a moment, this, very painful for the scientific and technology community: just two weeks ago one of the greatest physicists and mathematicians of our history has passed away: Mr. Stephen Hawking.
He said: “We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.“
Now, we can add that we are connected by the Blockchain as many nodes of an infinite human P2P network made by people bound to eachother through a new level of Trust.

by Christian Gironi, director at Innovami

Caterina Ferrara, Blockchain Ladies founder, ICO Advisor & Community Manager https://www.linkedin.com/in/caterinaferrara/

You founded a female community to connect all the women in the world who deal with Blockchain, why this choice?

The reason why I founded Blockchain Ladies is linked to two issues: one is that of minorities, the other is the gender difference.

In the first case, we know that women who work in “tech” are certainly not numerous, however, if we look at the entire globe, we are more than we imagine. …

Whenever we discuss the Blockchain technology, we usually begin with Bitcoin.

Most of the data in the blockchain concerns cryptocurrencies transactions.

Nevertheless all the possibilities of application for this “new technology” (born in 2009 actually) are several and cover a varied number of areas.

Many correlations has been made between the Internet and the Blockchain because of their so similar revolutionary power: sharing and storing of information through the network.

This new technology has given us a great certainty: everything is transmitted via a Blockchain reducing the risk and diminishing the costs involved.

We are living in an algorithmic age…

di Caterina Ferrara, founder di Blockchain Ladies

Ogni volta che si discute o si scrive di Blockchain si comincia sempre da Bitcoin. La maggior parte dei dati nella Blockchain, in effetti, riguarda transazioni di criptovalute.

Tuttavia, le possibilità di applicazione per questa “nuova tecnologia” (nata in realtà nel 2009) sono molteplici e coprono un numero veramente esteso di aree.

Molte correlazioni sono state fatte ad oggi tra Internet e la Blockchain, questo per via del loro potere rivoluzionario estremamente simile che consiste: nella condivisione e archiviazione di informazioni attraverso la rete.

Questa nuova tecnologia ci ha offerto una grande certezza…

Caterina Ferrara

#Blockchain Ladies Founder, #ICO Advisor & Community Manager. Digital #Health Expert & Neuroscientist. @BchainLadies @katerinaFerrara

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