New Zealand is a popular wedding destination amongst those who live in the country as well as for international visitors — particularly Australians. With same sex weddings legal in New Zealand (but not yet in Australia) it makes the perfect destination wedding location.

Beautiful beaches, picturesque vineyards, stunning Auckland harbour, the mountains — there is such a variety of locations with which to say ‘I do’. Finding the location is one of the most important requirements and will ultimately set the scene for your special day BUT what about food? Finding affordable wedding catering in Auckland can often be tricky, especially if you choose an outdoor location.

Merv Pratt from up and coming Auckland catering company Catering Catering says “We often get brides (occasionally grooms) calling who have looked into a wedding venue where they can get married and have catering provided however the common complaint is the high cost. Budget limitations mean that many look at getting married outside or at a standalone venue, and then have someone come in and cater the event. This is the majority of the wedding catering work that we do — it’s cost effective, flexible and means you can get married just about anywhere.”

So, how do you find am Auckland wedding caterer best suited to your needs?

1) Know your budget before you start — having a general idea of what you are prepared to spend on your wedding catering is important. Knowing this at the onset will help you automatically weed out any companies that are too expensive.

2) Ask friends & family for a recommendation — nothing puts the nerves at ease like knowing someone you know has already experienced good food and

service. So ask around, someone will likely have a good recommendation.

3) Ask other wedding vendors you may be dealing with, who they recommend- your photographer or florist might keep a list of reputable wedding caterers or know someone personally that they would recommend.

4) Search online — a simple Google search for wedding catering in Auckland will bring up a tonne of options. Be sure to not just check out the caterers’ website but also their online reviews on places like Google, Yelp and their Facebook page.

5) Shop around — find several options and then contact both to see what they can offer. Always go with your gut feel after that first contact. How the caterer is on first contact will likely be how they are to deal with the entire time. Don’t always be swayed by the cheapest option. Sure, there are some great cheaper wedding caterers out there, just make sure you do your homework.

6) Talk to their clients- Ask a potential wedding catering company whether they have any wedding clients who they have catered to in the past that you can speak to.

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