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The problem with people in general is that we realy love our assumptions.

I indentify as a person first. I have boundries(few things that make me iritated) with I try to make known. I get iritated if my boundries are crossed and i’ll spit, scratch and bite if it’s done purporsefully. Everyone has boundries, people have diffrent ticks. Some people hate to be touched (maybe thats what happened with the cashshear) , some can’t stand when someone interupts them, my brother hates it when people argue next to him and will interfear, even unwelcome, violently if necessary.

I used to feel very akward if I passed someone multiple times a day and said hello every time, it was both silly and wasted precious time. So I decided to stop and greet people only twice. I assumed the other fellow humans felt the same. I had no idea some people would feel insulted as I learned a few years down the road.

The point is both unspoken agreements (cultures) of black and white skinned persons evolved seperetly (diffrent continents seperetly). I suspect that culture isn’t the right word. We opperate under diffrent family tought values.

Where’s one person might be taught that the earth bellongs to no one and were all children if the world, someone else might see they’re holy ancestors land and violent savages who don’t worship sphagety monster.

I got taught that words are only a string of sounds, color only a magnetic wave lenght and that if every jew took a knife and tried to kill they’re opresors and if only a tenth sucseeded. Then there soon wouldn’t be a nazi who dared to risk it.