please don’t yell at me

i’m numb

don’t tell me i’m wrong for being young

i’m sorry i can’t feel

i’m sorry i can’t tell what is real

time isn’t real in my mind

please stop yelling

i can’t help but cry

i wish i could feel you

i wish you existed in my imagination

so that maybe i could love you


i needed to be alone.

i dont know why i just have a lot of thoughts.

i wish i wasn’t so socially inept.

i wish i could just be.

please don’t look at me.

i am not complete.

please don’t talk to me.

i am not complete.

i pretended i didn’t care.

i feel small.

please don’t destroy me.

you make me feel small.


every night as i lay i rot

raised to live but born to die

how can i waste my days here

how can i waste away here

everyday my story changes

it gets longer and more complex

how much longer can i pretend to love this

how much longer can i be afraid to disappoint

im unhappy

i just wanna be alone

please don’t bother me

i just wanna be alone

you know i hate this


everything is fast

in this very long movie

but it feels like its ending

im still waiting for something to move me

this feels surreal

i dont understand time and space

and i can’t escape my own mortality

everything is becoming very apparent to me

this movie is ending

time is running out

how can i escape it

time is running out

time is running out

time is running out

time is running out


how do i get away from you

somehow im trapped in this vortex of time

your words have no rhyme or reason

im tired of listening to you

you never have anything to say

your words were so beautiful

and now they’re just fading away

why do i talk to you

you lost your passion

and i found my way

you haven’t given me one good reason

why i should stay


free my mind from this hell hole

if i’m wrong make sure i go to hell whole

i wish i was more in my control

i wanted to get away but i wish i was back in your hold

i wish i had you arms to guide me

i wish i had your arms to hide me