from the middle of my heart


are we allowed to touch
i’m searching for a connection
so angelic and fascinating
can i paint you with my words

hand to hand
grasping for feeling
nothing more soft or tender
im searching for the words

face to face 
trying to see if this is all real
intensely emotional 
i think i found them

heart to heart
amazing to be close to you 
extremely captivating
i could never do you justice


time wasting
worth the wait
time wasting 
worth the wait

waiting waiting
 time flies
 waiting waiting
 but you aren’t having fun?
 time wasting time waiting

 still waiting
 time wasting

wait wait wait wait wait wait wait 
 what if i’m tired?
 please wait

time waiting
 time flying

 i’m not having fun
waiting for your attention
waiting with good intentions
what if i’m tired?


the picture you paint is priceless
everyday i hang on to your words for dear life
and every second you become more beautiful
i hope you know i’m not in a rush

you smile with a mouthful of stars
and i stare not letting one moment go to waste
time is relative so it’s not that long to wait
in my mind i said that two forever’s ago

take your time
everything is cool
i’m practicing patience
everything is cool