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Star Wolvez is an interoperable world building and strategy game that uses digital collectibles as playable squad members. It is important to note, however, that you don’t need to buy an NFT to play this game, but it is recommended for a better gameplay experience! Login at game.starwolvez.com to get started.

Welcome to Star Wolvez!

Pick your pack & complete objectives

First things first, select your pack. There are 90+ indexed collections to choose from! Star Wolvez, Galactic Apes/Galactic Monkes are the crown jewels in the Star Wolvez Universe. They will allow you to gather $STARDUST and claim daily chests from soft staking (hold for 7 days).

Second, complete the beginner objectives to get your starting resources. Completing the tasks will provide you the neon gold, space elixir and stardust to start building.

Select your pack, and complete objectives


The Wolf-E-Dex is a great tool to see which in game bonuses your wolvez have. Tailor your active pack to suit your play style. A full list of traits and boosts can be found here. The Genesis Wolvez will always pack the most punch for any game mode within the Star Wolvez Universe.

Scroll the Wolf-E-Dex and find your wolvez!

A New Hope

Congratulations, you’ve selected your pack and are ready to begin building. Everything starts with the Mainframe, think of this as your central hub. The higher level the mainframe, the more machines you are able to have around your base. (If you’ve ever played Civilization or Clash of Clans, think of this as your ‘Town Hall’)

Click on the shop next to your active pack. From here go to the “Administrative” tab and you will be able to see the Mainframe. Once selected, a prompt will show you the required resources to build. After you purchase, two machines begin building on your base. The mainframe and technician bunker.

The Technician Bunker allows you to make 1 action per/bunker. Once you progress to higher mainframe levels you can acquire more bunkers that allow for multiple builds/upgrades at a time.

Mainframe & Technician Bunker

Two other vital machines to build and manage are Mines & Storage

Space Elixir / Neon Gold Mines produce resources at an hourly rate, the higher the machine level, the higher the yield. While Storage machines set your max capacity for each. So be sure to upgrade these along the way! To find more detail on build times/yields on all machines be sure to check out this guide!

Neon Gold/Space Elixir Mines & Storage

Mission Hub

Now that you’ve setup your base, check out the Mission Hub to put your pack to work. Missions are an essential way to start gathering more resources for your disposal. Click “Launch” on the bottom right of your base to get started.


Sharpen your claws and get ready to fight in turn based battles. Attack, defend and restore your way to victory. These tactical game modes will put your skills to the test.


How to PVP/PVE

PVP — Player vs Player

In PVP, you are matched up against a fellow wolf for a fight to the death. To enter the ring, each player must put up some hard earned resources to wager. Lay it all on the line in this winner take all game mode.

Wolf vs PVP God

PVE — Player vs Environment

Test your mettle against hoards of rats in a round by round battle! The more rounds you win (up to a maximum of 7 rounds) the greater the reward. After every successful round, you will start the next round with less and less HP so be sure to manage your AP and HP carefully!

7 Rounds of PVE vs Giant Rats

Mining Missions

Send your pack out to explore the infinite beyond and gather resources from asteroids on these passive mining missions! Asteroids are broken up into four types of rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The rarer the asteroid, the better the reward.


Common Mining Mission

Boss Battles

Join the pack every 6 hours to try to take down a boss and earn a nice pile of resources! They can appear in various rarities from Common all the way up to Legendary. The higher the rarity the better the loot received upon successful defeat! There are a total of 6 rounds for each fight and each pack member will need to smash the Ready Up button to attack each round or risk sitting out and reducing the packs overall damage.

Community Boss Battle

Base Raiding


Train your troops and prepare to raid another wolfs stash. To increase your army capacity, be sure to upgrade your cadet dorms. To give your troops that extra punch, upgrade their respective training facilities. Note - Troops will need to be retrained between raids.

Train Your Troops


Browse which base you would like to raid before sending your troops into battle. Once selected, your troops will randomly target machines based off of RNG. You can keep track of your troop and enemy machines HP on the bottom left module.


Raiding The Enemy

Battle Royale

Battle royale is a RNG based game with the victor coming away with the hard fought spoils. To enter, pay the entrance fee and you are ready to fight!

Happy Hunting

You are now ready to take on the infinite beyond, with plenty still left to explore. Make sure to upgrade your base and prepare for the adventures that lay ahead. To stay updated with everything Star Wolvez, join the discord. Major announcements are on Moon Mondays (first Monday of every month) regarding game development, patches and future instalments. Previous Moon Monday updates can be found here.


Photo Credit: YolaEric