Why Being An Ass When You Call Your Cable Company Is Hurting Your Bank Account

We’ve all done it. Opened our cable bill and saw that the price went up. Instead of reading the bill or acting rationally we grabbed our phones, spent thirty minutes talking to an automated machine, and then finally proceeded to tell the poor soul on the other end of the phone what horrible people they are because our bill has increased. Calling any big businesses 800 number is almost the most dreadful thing we can do in life. Just thinking about the call I need to make later gives me slight anxiety. But I digress. Calling your phone company or electric company can be a pretty quick call, but calling your cable company…now that is a call you need to block out time in your day for.

Let’s talk about when you see that bill and how angry you get when the price isn’t the same that you paid in 1980. Please tell me what company has the same prices it had in 1980? I’d love to do business with them. For a company to succeed prices met increase. Society progresses as does the price for services. So before you start yelling remember this one thing: cable companies pay networks so you can watch the channels you love. Those networks make money by charging cable companies to show their content. So before you start yelling that the price is too high just remember the networks started the increase and the cable company just wants to stay in business.

Now let’s chat about the first thirty seconds you are on the call with a representative from the cable company. If you start your call yelling and screaming and acting like a complete ass then you really shouldn’t be surprised when you get off the phone and you are having to find a new cable company because your current company refuses to give you a new promotion for your services. The way you behave when you call your cable company directly impacts your wallet. You have no control when you get on that call. That went out the window the moment you started acting like a fool. The person on the other end gets a paycheck no matter what price you pay for your services. And you are not the first person to yell at them that day so you already have a strike against you just for calling in.

You can go ahead and tuck your tail between your legs after that call and start calling to other cable companies and work on getting new services set up because the notes on your current cable company account state exactly how you behave when you call in and everyone in that company knows you are not going to be easy and they are already prepared for you. So open your wallet some more because now you are going to lay new deposits, new install fees, taking another day off work to get these services set up, and wasting gas to return your old equipment. You might be surprised to learn that many people do this because they don’t believe cable, Internet, or phone services should cost more than a $100 a month and they expect to have every channel possible for that price. If we are going to be honest about what we think isn’t fair….I think I should be able to buy a Mercedes for the cost of a used Honda. I don’t live in that fantasy world, but many do!

Another thing that needs to be stated about when you make that dreaded call…the nicer you are the more they are willing to give. Want to watch a movie channel free for a few months? Be nice! Want to get one of your boxes free? Be nice! Want PPV movie coupons? Be nice! The common denominator here? BE NICE! What is that common phrase: you catch more bees with honey? You catch more flies with honey? You get what I am saying! The better behaved you are the better chances you have of getting off that phone with a lower bill, or even a bill matching what you’ve paid for the past year or two. If you start the call yelling you can be certain you will receive nothing and will spend twice the amount you wanted to because your pride has been crushed and you can’t go back to the company you acted so horrible towards.

So what we have learned today is that when you are an ass to your cable company you are only hurting your bank account and no one else’s. If you want to save money you need to change your attitude and start acting like a reasonable human being and less like a complete ass.