A More Effective Way To Make User Experience Your Competitive Advantage

Headquartered in San Francisco and Nepal, UXCam is a startup with unique geographical scale and operations. This company helps businesses understand problems in mobile apps before it’s too late, leveraging technology to make the important aspect of user experience less of a guess, and more of a science. Kishan Gupta and his co-founders started out doing user experience research with cameras and saw first hand the importance of user experience as well as the opportunity for recording technology to improve user experience creation — experiences that inspired them to launch UXCam.

This company helps businesses understand problems in mobile apps before it’s too late.

The team at UXCam is most excited to be collecting huge amounts of data from each screen and every touch interaction and creating algorithms to continue to improve their user experience analysis technology and expertise. But as per any innovative technology, their biggest challenge is going into a field that hasn’t been done before. A field filled with experimentation, interesting and unexpected learnings, and a lot of failures.

Resilience is key.” — Kishan Gupta, CEO of UXCam

As a team of 14 full-time employees, including 2 new recruits, UXCam has served hundreds of customers. Their typical customer profile is a company with medium to large scale and has developed enough resources to make the user experience a high priority — a priority most scrappy startups don’t have the funds to invest in. Their prices range based on how many users the mobile app has, with increasing costs per user. As any product manager is well aware, capturing data from users and how they interact with a screen is integral data points to continue to evolve the efficacy, efficiency and value proposition of the app to create a seamless experience for users. Not to mention, as the tech space continues to get more and more competitive at faster rates as new companies enter the market, creating a product with bad user experience now makes those companies stand out. User experience is becoming increasingly important as a competitive advantage to make your tech company a success.

As per any innovative technology, UXCam’s biggest challenge is going into a field that hasn’t been done before.

Participating in Parallel 18 gave the team access to great talent, exposure to new markets in Latin America and connections to expert mentors. Beyond this, Kishan shares his personal lessons from his entrepreneurial journey. See success in the wake of failure. Resilience is key. And enjoy every moment. Three quick pieces of advice that every entrepreneur (and person) should take to heart and carry with them. User experience resources that have had a big impact on UXCam includes user onboarding expertise from Samuel Hulick and books on design thinking (for a list of all-star design thinking books, check out this list from Stanford’s d.school).

“ See success in the wake of failure.”
— Kishan Gupta, CEO of UXCam

If you are developing a product, check out UXCam and ensure you create a user experience that will give your company a competitive advantage.

Originally published at catgeorge.com on July 26, 2017.