MYgration | Salzburg Academy 2016

For the past three weeks, I’ve worked with a team of talented journalists, photographers, designers and videographers in order to create an important narrative: Migration.

Sometimes the best stories about migration start with a telling detail. What are the objects that migrants hold dear?

This (MY)GRATION Project

This project joins together stories of migration as told through objects. The objects pictured here are a different way to experience a signal story of our time: the story of migration.

Some migrants flee conflict. Other migrants seek opportunity. All carry something with them. The individual objects in this project may call to mind the human suffering behind many refugee stories but others hint of hospitality won through active engagement with others.

Each object tells of journeys made. Taken together they trace a hopeful, humanizing, cross-cultural network of people and places.

Fantasy helps ease the hardships of reality. Learn how Harry met Sofie.

Two people, eight letters, four countries and thirty-two years of love. Join me and travel through this love story.

The beautiful Japanese art form of Kintsugi mended the monk. The process symbolizes how I reassembled my cultural identity.

Passing through ports has shattered my sense of home. Learn how mobility has shaped my life.

Dance is its own language and it brings its own pure joy. Watch my feet say what I cannot.

There is more to a phone than just absent minded tasks. Learn how I use it.

Ancestors I never met connected me with family I didn’t know I had. Come and meet them.

The bitterness and sweetness of coffee has comforted me throughout my travels. Hear my story and connect with its essence.

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