Loch Rannoch, Scotland — Taken by the Author

It’s easy to judge others for not living up to the standards that we set for ourselves. For most people, it’s a matter of thinking that you’re a better quality person than the next guy. Sometimes, we look up to folks that we think are better quality than us.

“A bearded man in a black suit and a red tie posing for a photograph” by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

Warning! Self-Contemplation Ahead!

When you hear the words “con man” or “con artist,” you feel a certain negative “connotation.” A con man earns his reputation, and his living, by taking people into his confidence. He tricks them into believing something that is not true. He swindles others when he plays a confidence game.

We are babysitting our three granddaughters this weekend. We volunteered for the job, since our daughter in law is recovering from surgery. These girls are magical, and a joy to spend time with. The youngest, Sawyer, turned a year old a couple of months ago. The oldest, Pepper, just turned…

Why should people feel compelled to choose between science and religion? I’m going to say that I like a little religion in my science, and a little science in my religion. Lots of people feel they are mutually exclusive.

I believe in God. As I age, my relationship with God…

Cat Harvey

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