Welcome to real life : the final project

Here we come, the final UX/UI Design project at Iron Hack! The opportunity to apply everything we learnt and practised during 7 weeks for a real business case.

Among all available projects I chose a little challenge : rethinking an application process, meaning rethinking a normally boring thing in design : an (long) application form :-)

Let’s get ready!

The brief

As a student, you may have needed to make some extra money to enjoy the campus life. Casual jobs are meant for this kind of situations!

With my client, Speaking Agency, I was focusing on one type of casual jobs : Babysitting!

Babysitting and childcare are at the heart of Speaking Agency’s business. Created in 2009 and based in Paris it is a leading provider of childcare services in France. Their service is to put in contact babysitter looking for a job and families.

Speaking Agency has 3 brands, Baby Speaking and Speaking Go, their first services which provides foreign languages babysitting and private langages courses for kids to help them become bilingual from the youngest age. 
Lately, they decided to attack the “French native babysitter” market by offering Montessori babysitting in French, under the brand Garde-Active.

Speaking Agency’s challenge is to keep recruiting for its historical brands and largely boost its French recruitment to rocket the new activity.

This strategy is on track and Speaking Agency is competent in Marketing using SEO, SEA and others acquisition tools to attract family prospects on one side and potential candidates on their job platform with 2000 visitors a day. The client contacted Iron Hack for their main issue : activation and retention. They need more visitors to complete the registration process and apply to their jobs once they land on the job platform. 
In comparison, visitors coming directly from job platforms like L’Etudiant or Indeed or 5 times more likely to complete the application process on Speaking Agency’s platform.
-> it looks like from this data that content and purposes are important to activate.

UX Part

But before drawing any conclusions, let’s analyse this situation and understand the conversion rate from a babysitter’s point of view.

the notebook of UX

From a UX search among babysitters and nannies here comes the reality : 
1. As any job search, looking for a babysitting takes time : several days of search and a meeting with the family is needed for 65% of my respondents.
2. Trust and communication are essential to feel at ease
3. Information and advice are welcomed by babysitters to onboard with a new family. 
For my respondents, if a family or an agency do not answer quickly, there is no point of carrying on with them.

In terms of search criteria 
As a babysitter, the family is expecting you to be on time. So you do not want to take any risks and be late : you want to find the closest job to your school or home. To do so, being able to map and see the details of the job without logging in is one feature.
Plus, transparency and simplicity are essential to complete a registration process.

Ludivine, our user persona, is sharing all these search criteria as she is looking for a part-time job next to her studies at la Sorbonne. She needs some side money asap and after talking to friends, babysitting seems the best option for her in terms of time management and stress.

Persona definition

But as she reaches Speaking Agency job platform’s she has a little struggle with the website and finally drops everything and switches to another website.

User Journey

Thanks to Ludivine’s journey, we can define our mission as : “How might we rethink the agency recruitment website to improve the activation rate and recruit more foreign and French babysitters?

To do that, we are focusing on 3 main features : 
- Offers are accessible directly from the landing page, without logging in
- Geolocalisation and custom filters help you find the right job for you
- An easier form to fill

This enables us to have a simple onboarding flow : 
1. search, 2. filter, 3. see job details, and 4. apply” !

Let’s have a deeper look to the form, I have made few changes to the current form to simplify it and make it easier to fill :

  • The current one has 3 steps, a bit messy and confusing. To gain clarity, I added a forth one and reorganise the information thanks to a card sorting.
  • The current form has a lot of dropdowns. I tried to replace them as much as possible to limit the number of click, like here.
  • The current form is aligned in the center which makes it difficult to read. Every input is now aligned left in a column.

UI Part

As we saw with the UX part, the main challenge for the UI part was to convey the idea of trust, transparency and fast-track.

In order to do that, Speaking Agency is using a bright navy blue for the trust, associated with a punchy raspberry red for the youth and dynamism. 
The playful orange conveys the idea a fun and games, associated with the light grey it can convey the idea of guiding light.


Finally, Speaking Agency is an agency specialised in foreign babysitters in France, so the French colours are important for the brand image.

Ludivine is looking for a job, she needs to trust the website and have all the info she needs to decide. So, the website has to be clear and simple. That is why I use clean labels, a lot of cards for picking and dynamic maps.

Tile Guide
And here what it does look like when animated : http://bit.ly/SAgvid3