7 Things You Miss The Most, After Passing Out From Boarding School In Pune

Are you from the suburbs of Mumbai? Then the chances of you having attended an International Residential School in Pune are pretty high. If you were one among the lucky ones to have gone to an IBDP school in Pune, then you’re sure to have fond memories of it for life. From the late-night tucks to playing pranks on your dorm mates to friends who are more than siblings, your school will be a part of you forever. In fact, residential schools often top the list of the best schools in Mumbai.

Here, you can find the list of top seven things that you will miss for sure once you graduate from the hallowed halls of the best boarding schools in Pune.

  1. Inter-House Games were a mini-version of the Hunger Games

The pride of being a part of inter-house games and winning for your team meant everything to you. Hanging with your housemates and jeering at other teams was all part and parcel of the play. Smears of face paint with your house colours, team jerseys, placards supporting your teammates were all done with the intensity of the Hunger Games, minus the killing ;)

  1. Teachers didn’t just teach Subjects

Your teacher also doubled up as your coach, mentor, the study leader, second parent, therapist and above all your friend. Boarding school set up the bar so high for your vision of a teacher, that the professors at college later never got anywhere close.

  1. Privacy became Non-existent

The kid who was shy to share a bedroom with a sibling? Long gone! Boarding school changed your entire view of privacy. Living in a dorm with a huge group of energetic teenagers meant that everyone invades everyone’s space. Now looking back, you can’t imagine it in any other way.

  1. Your Friend’s Parents became your Tuck-Suppliers

Couldn’t your parents make it for a visit day? Well, no problem! Your friend’s mom has stuffed you with homemade aloo parathas and laddoos that you aren’t even homesick.

  1. Faking a Sickness was Impossible

All other kids had to go was to convince their parents and stay back at home. However, you had to convince an entire team of qualified nursing staff, before you could stay back in the dorm. And if you manage to execute it, you were rewarded with the sweetest of all rewards. An empty dorm to yourself the whole day while your friends slog it in class!

  1. Teen Crushes seemed to have by-passed you

While regular teens were busy getting all lovey-dovey with the opposite gender, you were busy plotting with your girl gang to overthrow the rowdy boys and vice versa. One of the perks of co-ed boarding schools, you have loyal friends of the opposite gender who stick with you forever.

  1. Above all, the Heavenly Food

Sure, you were homesick for mom’s food for the first few days. But, the cooks in your boarding school made sure that each one of you was stuffed with their creations. And eating in a Hogwarts styled grand hall made the food all the more magical. You even rushed out of bed on your favourite meal day to be the first to queue up outside the school cafeteria.

Undoubtedly, you became a staunch boarding school convert that you can’t stop lavishing the praises of the best boarding school in Mumbai on anyone who is willing to listen.