Wondering If You Can Master The Art Of Self-Discipline: Yes, You can!

It is absolutely mind boggling to define what “self-discipline” is. It comes with age and experience. For a few gifted souls, it is an inborn quality. For the rest, it needs determination and inculcation. The mantra to master “Self-discipline” is learning to say a No.

While you are busy embracing one of the most difficult traits in you, don’t try to use it on others. It is therefore called “self-discipline”. The foundation is laid either at home or school after which the task gets out of hand. It is a privilege to learn that some of the best boarding schools are making it a goal to achieve. It tops the priority list.

There are many top co-ed boarding schools and residential school in Pune that follow this path of imbibing the art that demands time and patience.

The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala is worth mentioning in this respect. It is the wing of our very own Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai. It is known by the word “Discipline”. Every student from the school has left a mark of excellence in Behavior and Manner after Academic.

Learn to say a NO when in the Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala

I had read somewhere that the one that knows how and when to say the word “No”, the person hears a lot of “Yes” and that sounds insane but try it to know it.

  • Resistance: On your path to self-discipline, you will come across a number of temptations. You have to resist it. Learning few phrases like “I am busy now”, “I will see” or any other situational based can be helpful.
  • Clock your Body: Initially you will want to call off your mind’s determination; however, you will get used to it. Doing a certain activity for 21 days at a stretch becomes your habit. So why not try this trick and master clocking your body as per the routine set.
  • Read Motivational Books: There are a lot of motivational books out there for you. You only need to pick one and get reading. Motivational thoughts and quotes have shaped many minds. The library in The Cathedral Vidya School, one of the top international boarding schools in India is laden with books for students that keep them glued.
  • Be an early riser: Sleeping late is easy but waking up early is heart-wrenching. If rising early becomes a part of your life, then you are on the right path. This is the first exercise that one has to get acquainted with when in The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala.

I am glad to be a product of this school which has, magically transformed me into who I am today. My colleagues envy me for the self-control I display. I know when to nod and when not to. None but you are responsible for instilling self-discipline. You are a wonderful part of your mind, so get going.