Comments on Hauls,Veils, Hijabs

America has not been the biggest fan of the Islamic or Muslim culture and people because of the history between the two. However, the comments and attitude toward Muslim-Americans has been sickeningly disgusting. There has been many videos, comments, and occurrence of these sorts of discrimination. According to some articles from PBS and a personal blog that I chose best represented this topic, I found that there are a number of Americans who welcome the Muslim- Americans but there is a great amount of people who do not. The personal blog by Amanda, describes her life as a Non-Muslim who found the beauty in wearing the hijab and found herself to eventually wear it every day of her life. She explains the beauty and the reasons as to how she began to wear it. But what caught more of my attention was the comments below that people left. Most of these were other women who found it to be beautiful but not everyone was nice. A Muslim- women did get offended saying, “ Disappointed.. Cover myself for protection.. And you talk equal rights?/Seriously equality? With one dressing whatever he likes too and other having to cover because other might get aroused.. So as per that there should be 0 cases of rape for girls and Women covered.. Unfortunately it is opposite in my country just that those rapes remains unregistered because the poor girl will never have courage to raise her voice.” I do understand that this her own opinion, but I think there was a misunderstanding between the two but this is where it cause a conflict through the misunderstandings. I do feel as if these are the reasons why we are in war and conflict now it the Middle East. However in a different article by PBS that explains the struggle and conflict that the Muslim-American people have been going through. A teenage girls of the age 15 named Aya Laofir said : “There is this man who sits on the sidewalk sometimes, and he starts, you know, harassing — well, not harassing me, well, calling me names and telling me to go back to my country.” A 15 year old has to go through such a thing every day of her life when she walks home. That is just cruel. Some other things that occur is having their mosque being attacked, being verbally harassed, and Muslim-Americans tend to be extra cautious of their surroundings while walking anywhere just in case they are being threatened. Normal families and individuals are being treated a certain way only because “America” feels threatened by these people. Sure enough, Muslim- Americans are not the problem, yes they may come from where the people who have attacked us but they are not the ones who did. What made me even more disgusted about this article was the comments. Majority of the comments are horrifically discriminating. One comment said…

“Muslims have a problem.
It is theirs to figure out.”

That made me sit back and just think about it… like why? It takes two to communicate and work things out in a relationship so why is it that only they must figure it out themselves. There were so many more comments below that made me sit back and think… why. It hurts to even read these cruel comments. All of these comments on this article seemed to be a rude and cruel and I just can not find myself to be sickened by it. These comments on this article is most certain to be a topic of debate. Many side with the fact that out Muslim- Americans are not the problem but the fact that many Americans belittle themselves to become a bully and say things to another human being. Different color, culture, or families, we are all the same. We were born the same way, raised, and all have a goal to live our life. In the end of reading both sides, I still have one question that lingers… In the blog, did she not get barely any hate comments because she is a Non-Muslim, compared to the PBS article that interviewed real Muslim-Americans?

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