Question: Is it right to ban the Muslim wear (veils/hijabs)?

In the case of Muslim wear being banned, it is hard to establish whether it is right or wrong. While those who believe that Muslim wear should be banned, provide reasons such as, Muslim wear goes against our Nation’s culture, it encourages terrorism, it is a racism starter, and is a poor reflection of the lack of our government’s protection. As to those who completely disagree with reasons like, having the sense of respect for another religion and culture, understanding that it is unfair to be targeting a particular individual of a group, and banning just one culture’s freedom of expression.

Those who agree on banning Muslim wear, believe that covering the face is dangerous because it disables the ability to identify the person. It is important because that is how we identify people. For this reason, it also encourages terrorism because of the problem of identification. For example, on 9/11 when alleged terrorists passed airport security, “but had the veil been banned, it would have prevented this from ever happening and as a result stopped thousands of people potentially being put at risk.” Therefore not banning the veil now can be seen as an encouragement for terrorism. Also, there is a belief that banning both veil and racism will halt violence. In other perspectives it can be seen as if the government is trying to be politically correct as to accepting all religions. But people do believe that this country is majority Christians and that United States is “shifting away from this country’s national identity to a more foreign cultured identity culminating in our forgotten religion.”

Suspects of 9/11 (none disguising in Muslim wear)

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On the other hand, there are people who support the Muslim wear. With the exact opposite ideas, these people believe that we are a country that is known to embrace all cultures and religions, yet we have one problem with one culture. Adding to the reason that, it is true that no one can force someone to change their beliefs. Also, banning Muslim wear is a weak argument because in all terrorists acts that occur abroad have not once used a disguise with veil or hijab. As for the government, they are doing just fine with respecting culture and religion. Most Muslims are citizens and have nothing to do with the terrorist attacks, therefore taking away a culture’s daily asset is unfair. Oppressing anyone from their culture can cause a racial hatred that is unnecessary. Plus, Muslims can wear what they want because if it were a Christian factor to do so it would be a whole different story. This would be considered a double-standard. Targeting the Muslim wear increase hatred with religions, lead to more racism, and “ultimately making the country a worst place to live.” Lastly, banning a sacred thing like the veil, will cause an up stir of more rallies and riots to ban other things.