Slowly learning

The topic of Middle Eastern veils and fashion has become a great impact in today’s society. Starting this blog I had hoped to seek into and explore the different fashions and clothing in the world, specifically cultural wise. However, the Middle East’s veils, robes, and fashion has surprisingly been a topic that I have consistently writing about. It is such a controversial topic, especially because I am an American who has seen and is currently growing up into the era where Middle Eastern’s have lost majority of integrity and respect from other countries because of terrorists attacks. But as I read and research more into this topic between Middle East vs. America(the world), the conflict between the two have created a negative look upon the culture of the Middle East. This is an aggravating topic, only because free will is no longer an option for Middle Easterners. I learned that because of society’s problems, a the Middle East’s culture has been looked down as evil. This a real concern because America, allows freedom of expression which is given however, it still does not feel as if the amendment has gone to effect because so many Americans are anti-Muslims who assume and attack those who innocently wear Middle East clothing. Not only in America does this happen, but in my previous posts I discussed the law that Paris and other areas in Europe have banned the veil. It is forcing the people from a different culture to take away a part of their identity. That is injustice. Fashion, clothing does not cause violence, it is the people. How is it fair to take away something that didn’t cause the problem. Moreover, to take away the respect and integrity of one’s culture. Now I have more knowledge as to why Middle east wears the veil and robes: climate, respect, tradition, beliefs, and self expression. However I also learned that, it is okay for people to talk down on innocent people only because bad things happen that was not in their control, the solution to a problem is to take a way someone’s identity, and to blame a culture.

Middle East fashion has become a sensitive topic only because it is not easy to touch on someone’s culture and attempt to understand them fully. But as I research more of the topic, I feel no many do attempt to understand. I questioned if it was unfair before as to how Middle- Eastern’s are treated and I now believe that my answer is obvious. I stand by the side to let everyone express who they are and to represent their identity.

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