On belief and survival in a community of God

Illustration by Christina Yoseph

Everyone prays with their eyes closed. Except me. I watch brown faces, grimaced in earnest prayer, pleading to God for deliverance from hardships: unemployment or unhappiness or overdue bills. It’s the First Sunday of the month, Communion Sunday, and we’re all dressed in snow white or muted ivory or shy alabaster. It is what my church does. It is tradition from as long as I can remember. So I don’t question. I do it.

Etched on the front of a wood table are the words “Do this in remembrance of me.” On top lay two fake brass plates topped with…

Catherine Adel West

Catherine Adel West is a writer and editor living and working in Chicago. Her debut novel “Saving Ruby King” is set for publication June 16, 2020.

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