On the importance of gathering and learning from the design community

It’s hard to believe I’ve been at Google for over two years now. The journey continues to be meaningful and full of insights. After one year, I was inspired to write about my takeaways as a new design leader. Now, two years in, I’m inspired to celebrate the passion of the community of people I have the pleasure of working with.

Last month, I attended Google’s first-ever internal UX Women’s Leadership retreat. It was an opportunity to spend two days with women leaders across the company to connect and learn from one another. I tend to go into these kinds…

A recent, rare opportunity to talk to the entire team.

I’m a big believer in timing.

I joined Google as a Vice President of User Experience (UX) a little over a year ago. To be frank, Google wasn’t at the forefront of my mind for a next career step. I even passed on a job offer in 2004 because the approach felt too tactical.

However, now more than ever, UX, engineering, and product management are seen as equal partners in product and strategy development. Today’s tech company leaders are still clamoring for great design talent, but they’re also seeking design leadership. Google is no exception.

Lots of big name companies…

Catherine Courage

VP, User Experience @ Google. Passionate design leader.

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