lately i’ve been asking myself a lot of questions relating to my giftings and my potential and how I can steward my gifts well. i realized that it can be selfish to not use the gifts God gave me. selfish. and lazy.

using our gifts glorifies God.

i think of the story of the servant that buried his talents out of fear. i relate to him well. but it’s something I want to change.

lately i’ve been trying to use more of my God-given gifts in the arena of creating. music is one area I know God has blessed me in- i feel more alive when I’m involved in something music-related, as if God is saying “yes. this. do more of this.” it’s been more me practicing piano at home for funsies more lately- but i want to use it for more. not sure what yet. one thought that has been lingering in my mind has been to create a music account on instagram.

photography is also something i used to be into and then dropped after i went through my dark days. i miss photography too. being able to capture moments and be able to bless people with pictures to look at of good times was something that brought me a lot of joy.

i doodled something silly last night too and i felt so much joy. i forgot how much i enjoy creative arts. i think as a self-care from counseling other people which will often seem exhausting and without many moments of tangible results, creating art/music will be helpful.

i guess writing is also related. i feel alive when i write and it’s much easier to express myself through writing than talking. one of my low key big dreams in life is actually to write a book. perhaps on mental health. i’ve been interested lately in the topic of multicultural mental health bc it’s so lacking. or mental health and the church. or maybe i’ll just write a whimsical story about weird things like i did in middle school. hahahaa… whatever it is… i hope i do it for God’s glory and that i become a better steward!