life as a story.

last week at church, the speaker preached on viewing our lives as a story and not getting stuck on one bad chapter. it’s been something that’s been in the back of my mind all week.

tonight, i finished a korean drama i started way back when that i just didn’t end up getting a chance to finish (descendants of the sun, if you’re curious- i imagine less people are curious about this detail however).

in the drama, there were so many tough scenes- losing people you loved, war, sickness, conflict…

the kind of suffering might have been different scene by scene, but they each presented a similar sort of pain. ’cause you know- pain is pain. even though it’s human nature to size up each other’s pain whether it’s thinking “eh, it’s not that bad what he went through.” or “meh, i’m in pain but at least i’m not starving in a third world country now thattt is pain. i don’t have a right to feel pain.”

i’m reminded once again that pain is inevitable in the life of the human experience.

movies would be so freaking boring though if there were no conflicts. no hardship. no challenge. no character development.

pain sucks. but it seems to bring out something from inside of people that was not tapped into before. it changes you. for the bad- if you let it. for the good- if you let it. realistically, probably a mix of both. at least in my experiences.

regardless, the best stories to me are when characters go through pain and suffering but they persevere and become stronger through it. it’s not that the pain goes away, it’s that it doesn’t have such a strong hold on their actions anymore.

because they choose to move forward even despite the ache in their chest and their tattered armor.