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First of all, I am neither an American, nor a liberal. I know what respect means. I am a journalist in a place where most people HATE America. They love Trump, because they believe he is the leader America truly deserves. They feel that Obama was a progressive who made people believe in America, even though the country and its military are terrorists. With Trump, what you see is what you get. For once, he is the true face of the USA.

These people love Trump because of what his presidency means to America and to the rest of the world. They believe that with Trump, America has lost the moral authority to point fingers at anyone else. USA obviously have a lot of messes to fix, and may be, just may be, they’ll leave the rest of the world alone.

However, they do not respect him, not in the least. As I said earlier, they think that he, and his country, do not have the moral authority to question any other leader or country. As a place that has had several dictators, they can recognize certain traits in him. America has always been the holier than thou government that thinks they can reprimand other world leaders and tell them how to behave. Trump can try to do this, but I assure you, the people and leaders here will not listen. According to them, he is just as bad, greedy, corrupt, nepotistic, paranoid, etc as them.

Bush invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq, and there were no consequences to the USA. Obama invaded Libya and flew drones over Yemen and Pakistan, and no one said anything. Let us wait for the day when the tangerine tyrant does the same.

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