You cannot see me, but I am all around you.

You hear about me every day, but you do not understand me.

Some of you are afraid of me, but some of you don’t believe in me.

While I am the problem, you point fingers at one another.

Need a hint?

I make you scared of other people. I can use you to make others sick. I’m an inconvenience to some; to others, I am deadly.

Give up?

I am not Coronavirus.

Everything I read, watch, and listen to about COVID-19 reminds me of racism in the United States: Invisible…

Plain black background with white text that reads: One Year. No Shopping.
Plain black background with white text that reads: One Year. No Shopping.

Last year, I came across an article in the New York Times written by the novelist Ann Patchett: “My Year of No Shopping.” Upon first read, I thought it seemed extreme. But then I kept thinking about it. I’ve never considered myself an excessive shopper, but I definitely buy things I don’t need and I have often found myself complaining about how my kids don’t appreciate all they have — which, of course, is my own doing.

So, I decided to create my own no-shopping challenge. And today, on the last day of 2019, I’m pretty proud to say I…

One of the programs I get to facilitate with the company I work with — Point Made Learning — is a game called The American Dream, designed to get people learning and talking about how our identities affect our everyday experiences and longterm opportunities. In this workshop, we talk a lot about pronouns. That’s because we have one character in the game who is a trans woman and another who has non-binary gender expression. And when scenarios come up in the game that affect either or both of these characters, we get into some pretty tough conversations. …

Every other day, it seems, there’s another racist act to stir outrage. Far too many of these involve terror in places of worship, at parties, during police stops, and more. Others involve the N-Word or blackface. None of these are surprising or out of the ordinary, of course. But we get exposed to them consistently on social media.

I often feel frustrated when these incidents go viral. Not because I don’t think we should call out racist acts. …

Catherine Wigginton

Catherine Wigginton is a writer, documentary filmmaker, and antiracist educator with Point Made Learning. Her most recent film is “I’m Not Racist… Am I?”

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